Boat Disposal Yards Near Me

Where is the nearest boat disposal yard near me? That will be the question most owners will ask when they have a problem boat to shift. The Boat disposal team at Boatbreakers cover the whole of the UK and Ireland. Not every boat we deal with comes back down to the south coast. We have boat disposal yards and partners around the British Isles. They are ready for us to collect and deliver your boat to them. Hopefully saving you pounds in the process on travel expenses.

Over our years of boat breaking across the UK and Ireland we know the best destination for your scrap vessels. We have team members in all corners of the country who can assist you with scrapping your boat. The boat breakers team also run the Boat Scrapyard Facebook group. The group has members across the whole world so there’s a chance we can help you shift the problem boat on there as a project.

Boat Disposal Yard Portsmouth

The main yard we are based closest to is the scrap yard in Portsmouth. The vast majority of the boats we scrap are along the south coast so this is naturally our busiest port of call. We collect anything that fits on to a trailer ourselves. If the boat is larger we will send our Hiab truck or a low loader. Where we can we will also look to use local haulage companies to your boat. This usually helps us lower the price of collection.

Our Boat Disposal network currently has bases in the South East, South West, Ireland, Essex, North East and North West.

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If you have an old boat anywhere in the UK then get in contact. Just use our Scrap Calculator form and the team will get your vessel to the nearest boat disposal yard near you.

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