With us moving into our new office building in Gosport there won’t always be someone in our Portsmouth yard. A busy working scrap yard is a health and safety nightmare. For this reason alone we can’t have visitors turning up unannounced. This doesn’t mean you can’t come in to collect or deliver boats. We just need you to call ahead first and one of our team will be happy to come and meet you.

Out of office

By calling ahead you are not only making your visit safer but avoiding a wasted journey. There will be some days where we are all out collecting boats or maybe just on holiday. Other times the team in the yard who drive the cranes might be out so we can’t get you loaded/unloaded.

If you are buying something that we have listed online the chances are it will be at our Gosport Office. Only larger items like masts, large engines or whole boats will be staying at the Portsmouth Scrapyard.

Forklift for loading

We will have some engines with us at the new office. There is even a forklift on-site to assist with loading onto your vehicle. When you purchase one of our items please make a note of the item’s location so you don’t have a wasted journey to the wrong site.

The new office will also be a place that you can come in and talk to the team to discuss the disposal process. We understand that some people may not be so tech-savvy and would prefer to talk face to face. Again it would always be best to call ahead to avoid disappointment but our door is open.

Contact Details

If you’d like to call us our number is 02392 984666. Our email is marketing@boatbreakers.com if you would rather message us. We will do our best to respond to you as soon as we possibly can.