This summer along with Buy Any Jet Ski the team at Boatbreakers are looking to deal with more Jet Skis. As well as other types of personal watercraft. Our aim is to offer to buy more jet skis and also provide a cheap jet ski disposal service.

Here are a few Jet Ski Disposal and Buy Any Jet Ski Frequently Asked Questions:

What condition does my jet ski have to be in for you to make an offer?

We will consider making offers for jet skis in any condition. However, ideally we would be looking to buy jet skis that are complete and on a road worthy trailer. Even if the jet ski or personal watercraft doesn’t run as long as it is complete we can usually make you an offer.

I don’t know what to do with my old Jet Ski can you help?

We can help find a solution for any jet ski or personal watercraft. Very rarely will it cost you to get rid of an old jet ski. The only time we would ever make a small cost is if the Jet Ski is a long way from us in Portsmouth. Or is the boat has been completely stripped down.

Will you come and remove my jet ski if I can’t get it to you?

Yes. We are happy to come and collect Jet skis from all over the country. If the Jet Ski is on a road worthy trailer then perfect but if not we can bring other trailers to load the jet ski onto. All we would ask is that you get the Jet ski into the most accessible place possible to make it easy for our team.

I can’t sell my Jet Ski where can I get rid of a jet ski hull?

If you send us some pictures of you jet ski and we decide that it is past the point of repair we can still help you get rid of the old hull. Through our jet ski disposal partners at Boatbreakers we can collect and dispose of your old jet ski.

Can I sell a broken jet ski?

Yes, as long as the jet ski is complete and nothing has been removed. Also it must be on a road legal trailer. All Jet skis will be considered regardless of their condition it will just depend on what we can offer for them. Some broken jet skis we may not be able to buy but instead offer to take them off of your hands for free.

Do you have any jet ski hulls for sale?

Yes, but it depends what we’ve sold recently. We always try to keep a stock of jet ski part available but this is obviously subject to change as somebody may come and buy all of our stock. But if we don’t have the stock in we will do our best to let you now when more jet ski hulls do come in to stock.

Who buys junk jet skis?

We do. Even if the junk jet skis are non-runners, we can usually make an offer for them.

I need to my jet ski disposed of?

We can help. With our boat disposal partners at Boatbreakers we can easily get your jet ski disposed of. All you need to do is tell us where the jet ski is and send a couple of pictures across and they will be able to put a plan together to get the jet ski collected and disposed of.

Do you buy other types of personal watercraft?

Yes, we buy all sorts of personal watercraft it doesn’t have to be a jet ski. We will also buy Sea-doo’s, jet boats

Do you have any cheap jet skis for sale?

All of the jet skis we list for sale are priced completely so you will definitely be able to get yourself a bargain jet ski. As long as we have some jet skis in stock we should be able to sell them cheap.

Can I buy a jet ski engine?

Yes, If we have some in stock they will be listed for sale on our sites.

What jet skis manufacturers do you stock parts for?

We try and stock parts for all types of jet skis and personal watercraft. But we will only have parts for certain jet skis if we’ve had them into our yard. We aim to have stock for Sea-Doo, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Gibbs Sports Amphibians.