Up until the New Year we will be offering a 20% discount on the cost of scrapping a boat through our Scrappage Scheme.

To qualify for the discount the boat can’t be stripped down to the bare shell and must be fairly intact. For example, we help to cover the costs of scrapping a boat by selling off anything that may be able to be used again. These items are usually engines, winches, windows, rigging and interior fittings.

When our team work out a price to get the boat scrapped they will simply work out the cost to get the boat back to our yard, how much it will cost to weigh in the waste and then the labour cost to get the boat stripped down. Once we have worked the costs out we will then aim to reduce this price by 20% as long as we can see proof that there are items on board that we can sell on.

If you have a boat that you wish to dispose of and you think it has enough on board to qualify for the discount then just use our Scrap Calculator like usual and we will apply the discount once we confirm a price.

It will help speed up the process if you can also send us some pictures of the valuable items on the boat either with your enquiry or in reply to the Calculator’s follow up email.