Boat Disposal is a growing issue. At Boatbreakers we like to think we offer a personal approach to boat disposal in the UK. For many boat owners deciding to dispose of their end of life boat can be a tough decision.

A boat can become part of the family. Most boat owners will have had some of their fondest memories out on the water.

Boatbreakers is a business solely based around boat disposal and recycling. However, our team try to cater for every boat scenario we are faced with.

Some owners can’t wait for us to arrive to dispose of their old problem boat. Whereas lots of owners can be holding back tears.

In many areas of the recycling industry the processes and procedures are straight forward. But every boat is different and we feel owners like a more personal approach.

When an owner uses our Scrap Calculator they can provide us with the details about their boat they have for disposal. We don’t store any data and will only contact the owner if they want us to.

For boat owners who aren’t tech savy we can come to visit boats or discuss the process over the phone. Our boat disposal team will evaluate each job on a case by case basis. We will then endeavour to quote the cheapest price we can to get the boat recycled.

Our Scrap Calculator generates a price and as the owner you are under no obligation to scrap your boat. If you’d like to go ahead with the boat disposal you tell us, there is no pressure.

Once a decision on getting the boat scrapped is made we liaise with the owners and boatyards to find the easiest course of action.

The Boatbreakers team are always a the end of the phone during the boat disposal process. We will always be happy to talk about any issues or question the boat owner may have.

We have recently collected boats from all sorts of locations for disposal. These include: Boatyards, marinas, sunken, on the rocks, in gardens, fields, schools playgrounds and police compounds.