Boat Scrapyard Group

“Boat Scrapyard” our Facebook group reached another impressive milestone. At the time of writing we’ve just made it over 9000 members. The best part is that the vast majority of members are boaty people.

We first set up the group at the beginning of lockdown to give our team something to get our teeth into whilst on Furlough. As our boat breaking jobs vanished overnight as the whole country ground to a halt the group became a great thing to focus on.

Boat Scrapyard Giveaways Every 500 Members

From the beginning we wanted to incentivise growth so we promised to do little give aways every 500 members. These soon became popular with Boat Scrapyard members who would often tell us the giveaways were what they craved during the boredom of lockdown.

The aim of the group is to let people know what boats we have coming in. They can then request parts from them and help us to recycle as much as possible.

Helping Boat Owners

We have been pleasantly surprised by the appetite from members to want to buy project boats. Because of the interest we have had we have been able to help a lot more boat owners than usual. As we are now more confident we will find someone for the boat.

Before we had the Boat Scrapyard group we were tentative in taking on an older boat as a project. This is because we would then have to dispose of her at our cost if we didn’t find a buyer. But now we have thousands looking for their next project or at least parts for them.

If you are interested in what we get up to and want to be amongst the first to know what’s due in. Just join our Boat Scrapyard Group on Facebook. We are also building the perks to joining with discounted entry to some Boat Jumbles and discounts on listing boats for sail on boat selling sites.