It’s been a busy couple of weeks at our yard in Portsmouth with a number of new arrivals joining our queue of boats waiting to be chopped up and recycled.

Luckily for our guys who go and collect boats we even had one sailed to our yard and scooped out of the water by our crane. This is definitely easier for our team as the scrappers are sailed to us but it also benefits the customer as he saved some money by removing the cost of a lift and shift.

We’ve collected a speedboat from down in Devon and Motor boat from a driveway in Woking. We’ve also moved a narrow boat from Brewood in Staffordshire down to be blacked in Wolverhampton. Our friends at Oxley Marine then moved the boat from there down to her new home in Limehouse Basin in London after going through around 200+ locks. Great effort guys!

Another boat came from Hythe Marina near Southampton, what type of yacht she is is a bit of a mystery but she’s a fantastic little bilge keeler. We deemed it too nice to chop just yet so you could still sail her away and give her a new lease of life. ‘Slow Hand’ can be found on our sister site The Ship Brokers.

The aptly named ‘Last Chance’ was brought over to our yard from Sparkes Marina on Hayling Island and will hopefully be given a last chance to get out on the water after a few minor repairs. She may even be used by our team once she’s fixed to go and tow one of Buy Any Boat’s boats over to the yard from Gosport Boat Yard.

Next the only way was Essex as our Defender was sent to Thurrock Yacht Club to collect an old bilge keel yacht that had been sat and left in the car park for a number of years.

All the boats are now being stored in our yard and waiting to be stripped down and chopped up. If you need parts for a project boat or you’d like to take on an old boat as a project, give us a call. Keep an eye on our Youtube, Twitter and Facebook feeds to see what else will be coming into the yard!