Boatbreakers Video Youtube channel hits 2,000 Subscribers

Our Youtube channel Boatbreakers Video has hit 2,000+ Subscribers. We have always tried to make the odd video of what we get up to when we collect and dispose of boats from around the UK. However one of our recent videos about Salvaging a sunken boat in Portsmouth Harbour has really helped the channel to grow.

Viral Boatbreakers Video

We’re not quite sure why but the video went viral and at the time of writing has over 700,000 views. Before the video was posted the channel only had around 400 subscribers. It’s been a great boost to the channel and has helped us to get to our original aim of 1000 subscribers. The Boatbreakers Video aim now is to get to 10k as you get sent a plaque for the office.

The boat breaking team will be looking to film more of the collections that we do. We have always thought that the stories behind the boats we are collecting are interesting. The team always end up in different corners of the country recovering the end of life vessels.

Drone Footage of Sunken Boat

Another video that is doing well on the channel is another boat salvage video. This one was a much smaller boat but we were able to use our drone to get some fantastic shots. You can view the Boatbreakers’ video by clicking here.

Our Boat Scrapyard Facebook group has also gone from strength to strength. At the time of writing we have around 37,850 members. Hopefully over the next few months it continues to grow and some of the members choose to subscribe to the Youtube channel.

Road to 1 Million Boatbreakers Video Views

The Youtube channel is also well on the way to another milestone. We are currently just over 100,000 views away from 1 million total channel views. To get that many view from videos of old derelict boats being broken up is great going.

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So if you’re reading this and you haven’t already, now is the time to hit the subscribe button. If you have an old boat that you want us to collect and dispose of just use our Scrap Calculator.

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