Eastney beach in Portsmouth is a regular destination for our team. Sadly it has become a local dumping ground for unwanted project boats and abandoned boats.

At the beginning of the year we removed three boats from the beach and this week we were asked to come down and have a look at three boats that have now replaced them.

It’s a real shame to see so many boats effectively dumped on the foreshore. Not just because of the environmental concerns but also because eventually, it’s the taxpayers who have to foot the bill to have them removed.

As a company based it Portsmouth we are well aware of the number of boats that are becoming end of life and abandoned.  However it isn’t just a local problem, with the UK being an island filled with rivers/canals the problem is growing all across the country.

Whilst the problem grows we will be trying our best to remove and dispose of as many abandoned boats as possible to make room for the usable boats and to safeguard the environment.

If you have an end of life boat and you want to dispose of her responsibly then give get in contact.