Seamaster 30 Scrap

It’s always a shame when we get asked to scrap a boat that would have been really nice in her day. We were contacted a few months back by the owner of a Seamaster 30 at Thornham Marina. From the initial pictures we were sent our first impression was that the boat could probably be sold on. Our team visited the boat and although we could see that she needed plenty of work it was probably a boat someone could save. Everywhere you looked in the boat there was something that needed fixing. But as the hull seemed ok and we were told the engines were runners that was a positive. Whether the engines were still working or just working the last time she was in was yet to be seen. You never can tell with engines that have been stood for a couple of years.

We explained to the owner that if we had to scrap it would be a costly process as she was a heavy boat. She would also need to be pre stripped and have items removed before we could collect her. So we suggested that we tried to find him a buyer through our Lonely Boats service. As expected there was plenty of our Boat Scrapyard members who showed an interest in the SeaMaster. Our team sent a list of about 10 names to the owner of people willing to make an offer. Two people spoke with us direct and we arranged for them to view the boat as they were local.

Expected To Be Saved

At this point it was down to the owner to discuss any potential deals to save the Seamaster 30. He knew that any deal to save the boat even if it was for free would save him the scrap price. Plus the on going costs to store a boat that he probably wasn’t ever going to use again. We fully expected to be told that the boat had been given away and passed onto someone who would fix her up.

After a week or so we were surprised to receive another email from the owner. He explained that unfortunately he hadn’t been able to come to any deal as after looking at the boat no one wanted to take her on. So he asked us to arrange for her disposal. The owner wanted to get out of boat ownership and the ongoing associated costs. Also he explained he didn’t want to put more money into the boat to fix her issues. As ultimately he wouldn’t get the use out of her and might not even be able to make his money back through a sale.

Salvaged Items

Our first action in the disposal process was to remove any items we thought could potentially be resold. There were some nice wooden chests, a Henry Hoover, a steering wheel, the two engines, helm seats, Davits, and an Anchor and chain. Not to mention an array of old electronics in the wheelhouse area. The two engines required the help of the boat yard team to lift them out and away with the forklift. They will go on to either be refurbished or broken down for spares and repairs.

Once the boat was stripped down it was then a simple collection process. We arranged for our Hiab truck to be at the yard for the boat to be loaded on to. It’s always a lot easier to collect boats when the yard lift them as they usually have them ready and waiting for us in the slings. After being loaded the Seamaster 30 was then brought back to our Boat Scrapyard. There the boat was crushed down and had the materials separated.

Seamaster Being Scrapped

It’s never nice to see a boat like a Seamaster 30 being scrapped. She would have cost a small fortune when she was new but it’s a sign of the times that rising costs are pushing people to scrap. Rising storage costs weigh heavily on people’s mind when taking on such a project boat. Despite the negative feeling of having to break her, there are positives. The owner can escape the trappings of storing a boat he could no longer use. The yard get space back to fill with another boat for the winter, safe in the knowledge that this boat won’t end up dumped with them. Her two engines will either be reused or recycled into parts or for metal. Plus the rest of the salvaged items should also go on to help other boat owners.

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