Boat Disposal For Ex-Pat in Dubai

Last week the Boat breaking team had a local collection from Haslar Marina in Gosport. It’s always nice when we get tasked with local boats as we can go and see them in the flesh. This boat was a small yacht that had been in the marina’s yard for a number of years. Her owner was living abroad so he was paying storage for a boat he was never seeing. When our team visited the boat to check her over she was full of water.

Our price to collect and scrap the boat would have been less than another year’s storage. For the owner really it was a no brainer. He had saved himself the hassle of fixing up or selling the boat and saved himself the ongoing costs. Just to get this boat back on the water would have taken a couple or days at least to empty the water, dry her out and clean her.

No Chances with Trailers

The collection itself was relatively straightforward as we just had to turn up with our trailer and winch her on. The trailer the boat was on wasn’t safe to tow in our opinion. We never take a chance on old trailers as there have been times we have had trailers collapse.

We regularly deal with boats for ex-pats that now live abroad. Hopefully they appreciate the effort our team will go to when lining up the collections. When owners are in different time zones or only contactable by email it can be tricky to liaise with marinas on arrangements.

Scrap Calculator

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If you live abroad and have a boat sat in a British boat yard why not look to scrap. It can usually be arranged within a fortnight and will help you escape the costs of having a boat you don’t see. Just fill in our Scrap Calculator and we would be happy to put a plan together for your boat.

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