Scrap Your Boat in 2023

Happy New Year from the team at Boatbreakers and Boat Scrapyard. 2022 was an extremely busy year for us and we anticipate another full year ahead. Our aim is to help as many people shift their problem boats as possible. If you have a boat that is sat in a marina or boat yard costing thousands to store. Or maybe you just don’t get the time to get down to her anymore. Then why not consider scrapping your boat in 2023.

Storage Price Rises

With the cost of living crisis following the years of Covid restriction there is a real squeeze on people’s finances. Many marinas are increasing their storage prices this year which i’m sure is common across the country. Don’t leave your untouched boat in the yard to be subject to the price increases. Choose to scrap the boat, pay one final bill and enjoy the ongoing savings.

January to April is always a busy period for the boat disposal team. So if you want to scrap your boat in 2023 we would recommend booking in early. People always try to escape the mooring fee renewals in April but often wait until mid March to go ahead.

Saving Money

We would recommend working out what it’s likely to cost you to store/run the boat for another year. More often than not the scrap fee is less than a year’s storage. This means like our many previous customers, despite paying to scrap you will ultimately be saving money.

Scrap Calculator 

All you have to do to scrap your boat in 2023 is send us your boat details. Our team will work out the best price and if you want to go ahead you just need to give us the go ahead. We handle the rest. To send us your boat’s details all you need to do is fill in our Scrap Calculator.