Boatbreakers on Discovery+

For anyone who likes to see what we get up to there is now lots of Boatbreakers content on Discovery+.

As many of you will know the Boatbreakers team have featured in the hit TV show Scrap Kings on Quest. We have been one of the only people to feature in all 4 series. The fourth series is currently on air Tuesdays at 9pm. However this year Discovery (who own Quest) have launched their own streaming service. Discovery+ has all of the Scrap Kings series on demand. It also launches episodes to watch before they will be aired on UK TV.

Scrap Kings Series 4

Boatbreaker should be featuring in 4 episodes this series and currently there are 3 up on Discovery+ so far. You can see our boat disposal features in episodes 3, 6 and 11. Then there is due to be one more to be uploaded.

So far in the fourth series of Scrap Kings we have been tasked with removing a yacht from a beach in Fareham Creek, removed a Swift 18 from a marina for an owner and wrested a dumped cruiser from a rugby pitch.

Harvest Recycled Boat Bits

Our final episode featured on the series should be us removing an old yacht from a marina in Portsmouth and stripping the parts off in the yard. All of the parts we stripped would have since been listed on the shop that we fill with the boat bits we harvest.

We hope that whilst browsing the older episodes of Scrap Kings you enjoy the different collections. The Back2Back team who filmed the show always liked to follow us with the particularly tricky jobs!

Boatbreakers YouTube Channel

Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to continue to showcasing some of the difficult brain teasing boat removals. If it doesn’t continue on TV we’ll try to film some of our own footage for the Boatbreakers YouTube channel.

The fourth series of Scrap Kings will continue to be aired on Quest every Tuesday at 9pm. Older episodes are also repeated throughout the day.