Four Scrap Boat Collection

After the success of our recent hat-trick of boat removals in one day, the Boatbreakers team went one better. This time the team managed to remove and dispose of four boats at once from a garden in Abingdon. Admittedly the four boats that we did remove were all small enough to get away at once.

The boats we had to remove were a Wooden yacht on a trailer, Solo Dinghy, Dory and a Rowing boat. From the pictures we had been sent we could see that the boats had been there for sometime as the garden had grown around them. The wooden boats seemed to be showing signs of rot from the pictures that we had seen.

Disintegrated Trailers

We always have concerns with boats that have been sat in gardens for some time. Usually the trailers they are sat on have disintegrated under the boats.

When we arrived at the garden we were pleasantly surprised by the first of all the size of the garden and secondly by the condition of the wooden yacht’s trailer. The size of the garden helped us as there was plenty of room to manoeuvre the trailers into position.

Due to the main trailer being in good condition our first move was to tow it out of the garden. Both the Dory and the Dinghy also has trailers under them. They weren’t in any sort of road worthy condition but they were helpful for dragging the boats out closer to our trailer.

Scrap Boat Tetris

The first boat we dragged up onto the trailer was the Dory. It was the perfect shape to have as the base of the boat sandwich we were trying to create. The team then set about cutting the smaller rowing boat into chunks. These chunks of rowing boat were then arranged like a game of scrap boat Tetris inside the Dory hull.

Next we turned the Dinghy upside down and placed it on top of the Dory. This completed the boat sandwich and meant we had three of the four boats loaded onto one trailer.

The team also managed to trim and slot in the other smaller boat trailers underneath the boats. With plenty of straps it was all safe and secure for the journey back to Portsmouth.

We did have to make a second trip back up to Abingdon to collect the Wooden Yacht on the trailer. But it was still all in a day’s work for the team.

Time Pressure on the Job

There was a slight time pressure to the job as we had to complete the removals before the former owner got home. Sadly he has severe dementia and his family had decided that the boats needed to go as they would now never see the sea. The wooden yacht in particular was a former wedding gift for his son. This was why we needed to get the job squared away whilst his family had taken him for a day out at the Zoo. Thankfully everything went to plan and we avoided any distress for the gentleman and his family.

If you have any old boats in your garden, garage, or even just sat rotting in a boat yard then get in contact. Our team can arrange the removal with minimal fuss and help you escape the trappings of paying for a boat you’ll never use again. Just send us your boat details using our Scrap Calculator to start the process.