Winter really is coming for Boatbreakers. With the conclusion of the Southampton Boat Show the summer season slams shut and it’s now that boat owners face the decisions on what to do with their boat over the winter. If you’re a boat owner do you really want to be paying the winter mooring fees for another off-season?

It may have been another summer of very little use or maybe the boat had unexpected problems. Your boat could just be getting to the age where another season in 2018 may just be a bit too much to ask for.

Many boat owners will be bringing their boats out of the water for the winter, they will be properly winterised and relatively safe from the elements for the foreseeable future. However, many will not have this luxury and will be left to contend with what British winter can throw at it on a winter mooring.

As a boat owner, you have to decide whether the continued expense of keeping the boat you barely use is really worth it. Boatbreakers can usually guarantee that the disposal fees to scrap your boat will be less than the cost to renew your mooring fees. We can also offer to let you pay for your boat to be scrapped with interest-free monthly payments. In some circumstances, we can even offer to buy the boat if there are enough items on her that we can recover our costs to scrap. These items are usually winches, outboards, engines, and electronics.

Boatbreakers aren’t just looking to scrap old boat we also offer a buy any boat service that will help you get a quick trade offer for your boat. Our yard in Portsmouth has a constant turnover of boats, from those that need to be crushed to others that just need a quick wash down before they are sent on to be someone else’s pride and joy.

If you have a boat that hasn’t been used for while and is past the point of being worth repairing then give us a call on 02392 984666 or use our Scrap Calculator to get a quick quote for disposal.