Save On Mooring Fees

Save on mooring fees renewal this winter and choose to scrap your boat. Marinas and Boatyards will soon be getting ready send you your mooring fee renewal bill. For many boat owners in the more premium marinas, this can run into the thousands.

We make no secret that a fee to scrap your boat can also run into the thousands. However, it is very rare that you’d ever pay more to scrap your boat than what it costs for another year in a marina. This presents the boat owner with a simple decision scrap or keep the boat for another year. Pay thousands to keep a boat you may not get the use out of or save on mooring fees and recycle.

Example of Savings

For example, a mooring fee renewal might be £4,500, which isn’t uncommon in some of the marinas near us in Gosport. Our fee to dispose of the boat which would probably be around 26ft is probably about £2,600. Again we appreciate that this is still a substantial amount of money to pay out for your boat. But it becomes a simple equation you’d be paying the scrap fee and saving £1,900. Plus you’d have no more boat-related worries running into the new boating season.

When we are trying to help you save money on mooring fees we have a no-interest instalment option. You provide us with 6 post-dated cheques and we cash them each month to break up the payment. We hope that this makes scrapping a boat more affordable as not everyone has the money required to scrap straight away.

Time is of the Essence

The best advice we can give if you’re thinking about scrapping your boat is to make the decision as soon as possible. Because the longer you wait to make the inevitable decision the more money you will waste. We want you to save money on mooring fees and boat ownership in general if you no longer plan to use her.

Make the first step towards ridding yourself of the problem boat. Use our Scrap Calculator to find out how much it might cost to scrap. Then you can make an informed decision when the bill arrives. Our Marine Recycling network is growing to view all the boat bits we recycle visit Boat Scrapyard.