Free Disposal

Is Free Boat disposal possible? The cost to scrap a boat can come as a shock to some boat owners. However many don’t realise that end-of-life-boats that are made of Fibreglass are just waste. That waste costs per tonne to be disposed of properly.

Before all that, there is the cost to get the boat to our boat scrapyard. Boat transport companies don’t give us any discounts on moving boats just because they’re scrap.

Scrap Your Boat For Free

But there are times when we can offer to scrap your boat for free. If the boat has enough items of value that we think we can sell/recycle we may offer to take the boat on for free. Admittedly this will often be for boats that are easy for us to transport. Transport cost is what pushes up scrap prices the most and can stop us offering free boat disposal.

The items we are looking for that make us able to offer discounts or free boat disposal are Engines, Winches, Electronics, Navigation Instruments, Fishing Licenses, Moorings and well-maintained Trailers.

Some people may simply not have the means to sell their boat online or the enthusiasm. In some cases, we can offer to take the boat on for free and then we will try to sell her. This is our risk as if the boat doesn’t sell we will have the burden of scrapping the boat.

Case by Case Basis

Free boat disposal is an option that we consider on a case by case basis. In addition, the most common example of a boat that we will offer to take on for free is a narrowboat. Even in poor condition, a narrowboat can usually be sold on as a project. People are always looking for boats that they could live on.

Another common boat that we can offer a free disposal solution for is with Jet Skis. As long as they are on a trailer and not stripped down we will usually offer to take them for free. The only costs we may incur is if the jet ski is a long distance from our base in Gosport.

If you have a boat that you think could qualify for free disposal of your boat send us your details through the Scrap Calculator.