Time to scrap your boat

Could it be time to scrap your boat? Every year more and more boat owners are taking the decision to scrap their boat. One way to save on the scrappage fee is not to wait until the boat is a write-off. This might mean scrapping the boat before it is technically end of life.

The reason for making the early call to scrap your boat is for a simple reason. On a boat that isn’t totally end of life there is a better chance there are more items with recoverable value. Which means that we have the opportunity to reduce the price where we can.

Cheaper to Scrap

For example, if you have a yacht with an engine that you keep on your land. It will be cheaper to scrap whilst the engine is in reasonable condition. However, if that yacht/engine then sits dormant for 10 years the chances are the engine will seize. The time to scrap your boat would then be more costly than it should have been.

If you think your sailing days are numbered and realistically the boat won’t be going back to sea give us a call. The longer you leave it the more the price will tick up. We have to send boat transport companies to collect boats for us and their prices are always likely to rise. So the time to scrap your boat could be now.

Trailer Had Disintegrated

Another reason not to leave a boat laid up for years is the trailer she may be sat on. We had to reject a collection recently as when we got to the boat the trailer had disintegrated from under her. The team had to return a week later with a team to cut up the boat on site.

The time to scrap your boat could be now. Don’t wait until it’s too late and the bills start adding up. As a general rule if you haven’t seen your boat for over a year you should start considering moving her on. But just remember it’s always quicker to scrap than to sell. Use our Scrap Calculator to get your free quote.