Quicker To Scrap Your Boat

Nine times out of ten it will be quicker to scrap your boat than to sell her. This is obviously unless you have someone offering to take the boat off of your hands. We see thousands of boats that are up for sale online. Many are overpriced and will be sat on the broker’s website for months.

Months of Storage Fees

For these months the owners will still be paying the mooring fees as broker tries to drum up interest in the boat. The problem with selling through a broker is they are reluctant to drop the prices to a more attractive level. This is because they will erode away the commission they are hoping to make.

Another negative to using a broker is that they often tie you into a contract which is difficult to escape. With our quicker scrap solution, there is no contract you simply pay the bill and we scrap the boat. You just have to look at any brokers site and you will see overpriced boats that will sit on the website for months.

Quicker to Scrap- No Hassle

You might be wondering why we think it’s quicker to scrap than sell. It will usually take months to sell your boat. If you choose to sell her yourself, first you have to clean the boat and then photograph her. Next, you will have to write about the boat for the advert and pay to list her online. Now you’ll be sitting back and dealing with questions from buyers or hopefully arranging viewings. There are often lots of time-wasters who will view and not purchase.

Back to Square One

Whilst the boat is online you will still be paying to store your boat for however long it takes to sell. There is always the chance that the boat might not even sell. Then you’ll be back to square one. You’ll then be wishing you took the quicker scrap solution.

Many boat owners think that their boat is a valuable asset. But the older they get the value can drop significantly, especially for old yachts. The market is full of old yachts that people can’t shift.

Under Two Weeks

In comparison, the scrap process will usually take under two weeks. It is quicker to scrap as there is less focus on the boat’s condition. All we need to know is what boat it is and where it is. Then we make a plan on how to get it back to us in Portsmouth. Sometimes if our schedule is empty we can even collect boats the same day as you send the enquiry.

From your first call or Scrap Calculator submission, we are only ever governed by when the marina can lift and the boat transport company’s diary. Once you confirm we simply pick a date that suits everyone and the boat will be collected. Once it’s loaded onto the transport and on her way to us you have no more boating worries… or bills!