This week we had a call to collect and dispose of a Humber Rib that had been involved in a road traffic accident. As you can see from the pictures after being knocked off of the trailer and dragged along the road the Rib isn’t in great shape. We are hoping we can salvage some parts from her including the outboard engine.

Before the accident, the boat belonged to the Guildford Sub Aqua Club BSAC 53. It was a fairly easy job to complete as the boat was being stored in their boat shed and could be easily winched onto our trailer then towed away.

Once the RIB got back to our yard in Portsmouth our team removed anything that was beyond repair to make it easier to ascertain what could be salvaged. We removed the engine straight away and got to work seeing if we could get any life out of it. If the engine can’t be fixed and re-used it will be broken down and sold for spares/parts.

We hope that the Guildford BSAC find themselves another Rib to be used by the club and we hope they appreciate the quick turnaround as we managed to get the boat collected from the first phone call in two days.