One Last Payment to Escape Boating Bills

Boatbreakers’ responsible boat disposal service means that you are just one bill away from escaping your boating payments.

The costs of boat ownership and boat storage is only going up. Every year we deal with boat owners who have continued to pay to store a boat that they don’t use. With prices rising everywhere we have heard that some marinas will be increasing prices by a third. In our Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group we asked our members if this is something they had noticed. The vast majority of our members selected that their fees were rising.

Untouched For Years

Many boats will sit in marinas or boat yard untouched for years. Their value slowly drains away and with it any chance of the owner being able to sell the boat on. Soon people’s boats become a project that needs work before going back in the water. before long many owners just treat the boat like a costly afterthought.

However it’s not all doom and gloom. Our responsible boat disposal solution offers the owner an escape route. One final bill to pay and our team will remove the boat. Strip the recoverable items from her, recycle what we can and then scrap the rest. This means that the owner finally removes the constant storage fees. Moreover, it completely avoids the long drawn out process of trying to sell. No time wasters, tyre kickers or dreamers who will waste you time and drive down the price.

Responsible Boat Disposal Solution

Our boat breaking team will work out the best price we can to deal with the boat. We discuss this with you and then if you’re happy we will make all of the arrangements. Usually all you as the owner would have to do is let the marina know it’s all happening.

The boat breakers team also collect boats from anywhere they have been left. Not just boat yards or marinas. We regularly remove boats from gardens and driveways. So if you have an old boat in your garden, it’s just one bill away from being gone for good.

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To get an idea of what your final payment could be, just use our Scrap Calculator. One of the team will then use this detail to work out the best price for you.

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