Buy Any Boat is part of the Boatbreakers family. To put it simply we are boat traders that buy and sell any type of boat, just not every boat! We regularly buy Yachts, Motorboats, Narrowboats, Ribs and more. Once we have been offered a boat we will make a trade offer to purchase the boat and then once we complete the deal we’ll sell it on.

Unlike other buy any boat sites we actually buy the boats we are offered. We aren’t a broker and we don’t just pass on your information to other boat buyers. This means you’ll get a fair and honest appraisal of your boat and achieve the best price possible.

If you have a boat you’re looking to sell it couldn’t be easier. Fill out our contact form and your boat details will be sent to our boat buying team. Our BuyAnyBoat team will then reply and ask some questions to get the information that we need.

They will assess your information and pictures before we decide whether to arrange a boat viewing. Once we have seen the boat we will make a decision to buy there and then, you could even have the money in the bank on the same day.

Whether you have a perfect vessel or one nearing the end of its life-cycle we have a service for you that will make your boat sale as effortless as possible. If we can’t help we will usually be able to suggest the company who can.

Our team have years of experience not only as boat traders. This means that we will always give fair and honest prices when making an offer for your boat.