Boatbreakers News - Winter is Coming For Boatbreakers

Winter Is Coming For Boatbreakers

Winter really is coming for Boatbreakers. With the conclusion of the Southampton Boat Show the summer season slams shut and it’s now that boat owners face the decisions on what to do with their boat over the winter.

The Issues of Boat Disposal - A Small Fibreglass/Wood Boat being cut up

The Issue of Boat Disposal

End of Life Boats are a problem that won’t just go away. During the last sixty years, the marine industry has been churning out increasing numbers of recreational and working craft, the majority being fibreglass (glass fibre reinforced polyester).

Latest Yacht Disposal: 37ft Scrap Yacht Removal

Latest Yacht Disposal: 37ft Scrap Yacht Removal

It’s not an unusual sight to see boats in people’s front gardens, especially on the South Coast. However, when the boat is a 37ft fin keel yacht it becomes quite an imposing landmark. The boat had been in her current position since 2006 when she was taken out of the water and onto the stand so her owner could carry out repair works to her.