If like most boat owners, you probably have a running list of parts to buy for the boat. But if your eyes water at what it will cost you at the chandlery, you might be interested to know that you can buy used boat parts for less than 50% of the retail price! The trick is knowing where to look..

Maybe you enjoy bargain hunting? Then you’ll love picking over parts at our boat salvage yard. A marine salvage yard is a place where scrap boats go to be taken apart and recycled.

How it works

Boatbreakers collect boats that are damaged beyond repair (or no longer wanted) from owners and insurance companies. The yard then dismantles and sells the boat’s salvageable parts to customers.

The ideal scenario in the UK would be for a “pick and pull” yard”. This would mean you’re set loose in the yard with a screwdriver, free to climb all over the boats and pull off the pieces that strike your fancy. Sadly with limited space on the yard’s scrap quay we can’t hold onto boats for too long. Time and space is money in a busy working scrapyard. This is why we put great emphasis on advertising the boats online before they come in. It means people can pre-order the parts from each boat.

The deals can be fantastic. Everything we sell we will always consider offers on. That prices you pay with us could have easily been 10-20x at a chandlery.

Very often our marine breakers yard staff can help you find particular parts. If you’re looking for something quite specific, call ahead to inquire about availability through our social media channels.

What you’ll find in a Boat Breaker’s Yard

If it’s attached to boat, there’s a good chance you’ll find it at a salvage yard! Engines, water pumps, winches, blocks, doors, hatches, booms, masts, etc. Sometimes you’ll find items like line, sails, and electronics but many owners will strip out items that can be resold before delivering the boat to the salvage yard.

Points to Note about buying Secondhand Boat Bits

  • Boat salvage yards are the cheapest place to find parts and there’s no postage costs (if you collect in person).
  • You can check before buying it
  • Boat Scrapyard staff will know the history of the boat and how this will affect the quality of the parts. For example, boat parts from fresh water boats tend to be in better shape than parts from salt water boats. The way in which the boat was damaged may also affect your decision to buy a part. For example, you might not want to buy rigging hardware from a boat that lost its mast, however buying a boom from a boat with fire damage might be fine.
  • You often have to remove the boat parts from deck material. To save time in the scrapping process our team will chop around items like winches and clutches. We then remove them from the FRP or Wood back at the workshop. However we are happy to sell you these items without removing.
  • There is no set stock. It is really pot luck in terms of what boats we’ve had in.
  • As with all used parts, they can be less durable or faulty and there is no warranty.
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Boatscrapyard Marketplace

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