Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group Reaches 40,000 Members

The Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group has recently reached the milestone of 40,000 members. From something that started as a little lockdown project to keep the team busy. It has grown beyond what any of us expected. Previously the first idea for the group was to let people know what we had coming in. This would then mean we could hopefully help people find the recycled boat bits they were looking for.

As the group grew and lockdowns were extended it became a busy little community of boat owners. People post items for sale, ask questions, share stories and join in on our competitions. We have helped many members sell boats that might have been destined to be scrapped. Even this week we have helped a member shift two 43ft catamaran hulls. They were an unfinished project that had sat in his garden for a number of years. Now they will be given a new lease of life and used in a commercial project (which is being run by another member).

All Around the World

Another great aspect of the group is that there are members all across the world. At the time of writing we should have around 8,000 members in the USA alone. This means that our American members can interact and help each other with their boating needs. If they win our competitions we even send the prizes out to the States. We know for sure that there is a Boatbreakers pen in Canada with one member.

Competition to Celebrate

Top celebrate getting to 40,000 members we decided to have a generous giveaway. We hid two jars or boat bits at the Southampton Boat show on our friends at Youboat’s stand. The competition was simple and just needed people to guess the amount of items to win. Our three winners will receive £250, £100 and £50 to spend on our Boat Scrapyard shop. This is where the Boat breaking team list the recycled boat bits we collect from old boats.

In time the team hope that the group continues to grow. Because as it fills up with more boaty members we know it will be the perfect place for people to find cheap boat bits, advice and even project boats. Without doubt if you like a bargain and you love boats we think you should join the group. You might even win a Boatbreakers pen!

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Finally if you have an old problem boat, get in contact. To scrap you old unwanted or derelict boat. Just send us the details through our Scrap Calculator.

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