Boat Disposal Options During COVID Uncertainty

Boat Disposal options for boat owners is becoming a more pressing concern. Boatbreakers have had a surprisingly busy summer period. After the lockdown period from March onwards that closed our plans down overnight we were expecting a quiet summer like we usually have. This is often simply because during the summer season people are out using their boats. Then when the season finishes or when the bills arrive in the post for moorings scrap season sparks back into life.

With many boats taking a while to sell and storage costs ticking up it is within an owner’s interest to move an unwanted boat on fast. Some boats may never sell due to their age or needing repairs. But their owners will be stuck paying the storage bills regardless.

Escape the Trappings of Costly Boat Ownership

Scrapping a boat with us is an option that costs but one that gets you out of the trappings of owning an old boat. Most of the time a scrap price is less than the cost of keeping the boat for a further year. Or less than the cost of costly repair work to rectify any problems.

Boatbreakers are based in Gosport/Portsmouth but we cover the whole of the UK and Ireland. With every boat that comes into our inbox we will always work out the most cost effective solution for an owner. We appreciate it can be a difficult decision to let go of a boat. The Boatbreakers team try to make the process as simple as possible.

Cheaper Boat Disposal Solutions

Due to our location on the South of England we can provide cheap boat disposal options. Mainly for Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Wilshire and Kent. If we can collect unwanted scrap boats ourselves we will do. Transport costs for scrap boats makes up a large chunk of the price we have to charge. So we are actively trying to reduce this.

Our plan is to work with like-minded people around the UK to set up breaking sites. This will then mean we don’t have to bring boats back to us in Portsmouth and cut down travel costs. The saving this will create will be passed on to the owner and hopefully encourage more to scrap.

To keep up to date with what we’re up to join our Facebook group Boat Scrapyard. The team will regularly post what we have coming in so other owners can get cheap boat bits.

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