Sunken Westerly Centaur

The next boat on the list to collect is a Westerly Centaur that had sunk on her mooring. We believe that the yacht had lost one of her keels in the mud which caused her to sink. A mixture of stormy conditions, no maintenance and the mud she sat in were the likely reason for the keel loss. However the boat sank it had been under for some time.

Our Boatbreakers team had a call from the owner a few months back. We advised him to get the boat re-floated and hauled out at the nearest yard. With the boat eventually salvaged and out of the water our team could get to work. In truth there wasn’t much to salvage. The Westerly had been underwater for some time as you can see from the photos.

Sail and Boom

Firstly the Boatbreakers team removed the mainsail as it seemed to be in good condition. Then we also removed the boom. Booms from scrapped yachts are always popular with our customers. It seems the most popular items we sell are the things that costs big money to replace with new.

We had to cut down the rig and mast to get the boat ready for transport. When we remove yachts for disposal it’s always important to get the mast down. Otherwise we’d be hitting every motorway bridge.

To make sure the boat wasn’t full of water our boat disposal team drilled some holes in the hull. There is the big missing keel hole so it wasn’t too bad.

Potential Hazards

Next week our Hiab truck will head to the boat yard and lift the boat away. The yard are glad to see the back of the boat as it was a hazard both in and out of the water. In the water it caused a danger to other boats and would have leaked chemicals into the sea. Out of the water it became a fenced off potential climbing frame which had potential accident written all over it.

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