At Boatbreakers we always like the change of scenery of chopping up a boat on site as they usually mean visiting an interesting place where you wouldn’t expect a boat to be. Often it will be a garden and we’ll hear stories of how the owner has always planned to finish the project and go sailing but one thing led to another until we arrived with a disc cutter.

We were recently contacted by the Lady Allen Adventure Playground in Wandsworth Common, London. The provide a large adventure playground for the local children to play in with different themed areas. Sadly they’d decided that the resident yacht in the sandpit was no longer wanted and asked us to come and chop her up.

Due to the design of the playground it made it too difficult to get a hi-ab or trailer (with a winch) close enough to remove the boat in one piece.

The Boatbreakers team arrived with our power tools when the playground was closed. We covered the surrounding area of the sand pit with a tarpaulin and cut the boat into manageable sections which were then loaded onto a trailer we took with us. The use of the tarpaulin was to reduce the risk of chunks of the boat being left behind in the sand which could potentially injure a child.

It only took a morning to clear the boat and we’re sure the playground was back up and running soon after. If you have a boat in a peculiar place that you want to be removed then please get in contact with us and we’d be happy to help.

From what we saw of the Adventure Playground it looked like it would be great fun for kids so if you live in South West London take your kids to see what they replace the boat with! Details here… Adventure Playground