Boatbreakers Homepage Improvements

The Boatbreakers team are always looking for ways to improve our site and to make it easy to navigate. We know that just coming to the decision to scrap your boat can be a difficult process. So we want to make sure that it’s as easy as possible to submit your details.

Currently the Scrap Your Boat button is front and centre when you visit the homepage. This won’t change but the wording around it will. We don’t want end of life boat owners thinking that once they hit that button they are locked into anything. It’s simply where you give us the information we need to provide you with a FREE no obligation quote for recycling.

Even if you haven’t totally made up your mind and you’d still like to try and sell the boat, it’s helpful to know the costs. This way you as the boat owner can make an informed choice on offers you could accept on the boat. Whilst knowing that if any sale falls through you can still escape boat ownership/mooring fees by scrapping.

Boat Scrapyard Feature

Another tweak to the site will be featuring Boat Scrapyard a lot higher. This is where we list all of the recycled boat bits that we salvage from end of life boats. It’s a vital part of our marine recycling network as we try to recycle and minimise waste.

The Boat Scrapyard site is also linked to our eBay account which is now called Boatscrapyard and our eBay shop is called Boat Salvage Yard. For some reason the eBay system didn’t like the word scrap because it contains a rude word! Very annoying!

Simplified Scrap Calculator

Additionally we are going to create a simplified Scrap Calculator. This will mean that people who maybe don’t know so much about the boat they need to scrap can get in touch. All we will need is a Picture, Post Code and the boat’s length. Then we will be able to give the individual an idea on the costs. We get lots of people who’ve maybe inherited a boat from a relative and have no clue how to describe it. Once again we want to make our recycling process as simple as possible.