Boat Scrapyard Reaches 28,000 Members

The Boat Scrapyard group on Facebook has surpassed 28,000 Members. Since we got to 25,000 members a month ago the group has started to snowball.

We are getting members join from all across the world. It’s always good to see the reach that continues to grow. There are people sat in Sri Lanka, Fiji, New Zealand, Canada and across the USA. We hope that the group continues to grow throughout the boating communities around the world.

Our original idea for the group was just to share what we have coming in. Maybe to sell the odd part or a few project boats. Whilst this is still the case the group has become much more. Members will seek advice on how to fix their boats or source boaty parts. Some will sell items either on the group or through our Marketplace website. It’s really developed into a boating forum. Helped along with a few giveaways along the way to incentivise more members to join.

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Boat Scrapyard Marketplace Site

The Boat Scrapyard Marketplace site was set up alongside the group to cater for people who aren’t on Facebook. It’s a totally free place to list and sell the items. We charge no fees, although people can choose to upgrade their advert for £5.

When boat owners get in contact about their boats we can now always offer a solution. We can either scrap the boat or offer them the chance to try and sell it on the Group/Marketplace site. The aim is for the group and marketplace site to become a big online boat jumble.

Our aim now is to get to 29,000 and then 30,000 Members. With a bit of luck we should get there by the end of February 2022! So if you’re reading this and haven’t joined yet, come on in! Once you’re in make sure to invite your boaty friends to join.

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For anyone out there with a boat they would like to scrap please use our Scrap Calculator.

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