Boat Breaking in 2022

After two years with disturbances and lockdowns due to Covid, 2022 looks set to be a busy year for boat breaking. In a usual year January to April is our scrap season. This is simply because in April most marinas or boat yards will send out their bill for the year. The cost of living going up for everyone this year. So it will be interesting to see if people bail out of boat ownership.

Every year boat owners in the marina’s close to our base in Gosport may have £5000+ bill waiting to be paid. Whilst a scrap bill isn’t usually cheap it does represent money saved in most cases. Some owners choose to postpone the boat breaking option, pay the bill and then still have the same problem next year.

Escaping the costs of boating

Boat breaking offers the perfect out for boat owners. One last bill to pay and an end to the associated costs of owning a boat. Many people will try to sell their boat but it’s not a guaranteed escape from the cost of boating. Once we receive the call from an owner the boat breaking process is usually completed within a fortnight. Sometimes we can even collect your boat for disposal on the same day.

In 2020 and 2021 the United Kingdom was in lockdown for most of our busiest months. In 2022 we are hoping that some form of normality returns to the boat breaking world. At the time of writing the UK had just been hit with two big storms which has wrecked hundred of boats across the country.

Boat Scrap Calculator

If you want to escape the costs of boat ownership just visit our Scrap my boat section. Boat breaking is usually something that will cost you to do. Just remember it’s one last bill to escape the on going costs. Alternatively if you have a nice boat that you think might sell then visit Buy Any Boat.