Telstar 26 Trimaran

Our latest boat into the Boat Scrapyard was a Telstar 26 Trimaran from the New Forest.

Most of the Boatbreakers team are big Star Wars fans. So when the latest boat dropped into our inbox the first thought was how much it looked like a space ship. The Telstar 26 Trimaran is designed so that the wings can be tucked in and the whole boat can be put on a trailer. With the wings out the boat would be far too wide to go on the road so the fact it can collapse down is a great feature.

Despite the boat looking like it should be in Tatooine or Naboo it was actually in Buckler’s Hard. For anyone who hasn’t been to Buckler’s Hard it’s a beautiful part of the UK. It’s just south of Beaulieu by the New Forest and has rich maritime history.

Nelson’s Navy

A quick Google search says “Buckler’s Hard is where history and stunning scenery come together for an unforgettable trip out in the New Forest countryside. Once a bustling shipbuilding village where ships for Nelson’s Navy were built, the charming village of Buckler’s Hard now a peaceful haven”.

As usual our plan was to send the Hiab to lift the boat away. The owner wanted to keep the trailer and the mast to send on to a scrap metal man. We didn’t mind this as it cuts out a job for us to deliver the train to our scrap metal guys.

Cheaper than Another Year

Sadly the Telstar Trimaran was beyond economical repair and was costing the owner storage. So he made the decision to ask us to remove the boat and cut his losses. It is a decision that lots of boat owners are coming round to. With prices rising across the board there is a real squeeze on people’s pockets. Although scrapping a boat can seem pricey. It is usually cheaper than keeping the boat for a further year. Especially if you factor in the potential repair costs.

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If you have an old boat that you think is cheaper to scrap than keep just use the Scrap Calculator. Our boat disposal team will be happy to work out the cheapest price possible to scrap.

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