Sail to Save – Scrapping Your Boat

So you’ve decided that it’s time for the boat to go and you’ve gone through our scrap calculator. The chances are that a large portion of your boat disposal quote will be the transport costs to get your boat back to our yard. However, there could be a much cheaper alternative, if your boat is still in the water and you’re not too far away from us in Portsmouth Harbour why not sail her to us?

If she can be sailed in you could save a large part of the disposal cost and we can simply scoop her onto dry land using our crane. Just make sure you remember to organise a lift home! If you can sail the boat to us or get her delivered there is always a chance that we could take your boat for FREE. All you need to do is wait for a high tide, head to the big crane and our team will be on hand to scoop you out.

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