Our friends at The LightHouse have asked us to put out a request for any old charts that you may have. They’re looking for old nautical charts that they can use to be transformed into stunning works of art with integrated lighting systems.

Their team convert old charts into decorative pieces of art with fibre optic lights mimicking the navigation lights that would be in place in each of the pictures.

Visit their website www.lightcharts.com for more information. Or contact us and we will pass the charts onto them.

“A nautical chart is a work of art in its own right and may be admired for it’s technical, topographic and hydrographic interest too.

“At The LightHouse we have added a further dimension to our chart reproductions by incorporating fine fibre optics and state of the art microprocessor controlled LED technology to animate lit navigation marks such as lighted buoys, beacons, lighthouses and light vessels.

“A LightHouse animated chart will become a focus of attention wherever it is displayed and whether it is lit or not, will be admired by all.”

So you if you have any old charts that you would either like to donate to their collection or have made into fantastic works of art then please get in contact.