Mounted Boat Bow Section in Australia

Mounted Boat bow sections available from Boatbreakers. We always think the bow section of a recycled boat would make a great feature on a wall.

Whilst on his travels in Australia our Director Steve spotted an idea that we toyed with here in the UK. When we scrap yachts and motorboat we regularly cut the bow of the boat off first. Mainly because its an easy place to start and it allows you to see into the rest of the boat.

The boat that Steve saw was Wild Oats XI. The front section of the boat was removed when they modified the design. Wild Oats certainly has an interesting history which you can read about here. Her mounted bow is now pride of place on the wall of Hamilton Island Yacht Club.

Boatbreakers Office Idea

During the summer of 2019 we moved from our office in Portsmouth to a new building in Gosport. We had toyed with the idea of mounting the front of Motor boat we had chopped onto our exterior wall above the entrance.

In the end we opted for a sign instead but it is an idea we could revisit. It is also something we are happy to provide to anyone who would like one. A mounted boat bow would be a great feature piece in an office, warehouse, shop or bar.

If you want us to provide you with a boat bow to mount on a wall please get in contact as we are happy to help. We can also deliver to you or arrange delivery if the section of boat is too large for us to shift.

Helps us to Recycle

We are more than happy to supply parts of boats to you for whatever the purpose. It helps us recycle as much of the boat as possible so that’s the main benefit for us.

Maybe you are thinking of scrapping your boat and you’d like a memento to keep? A boat bow section to mount might be too large but we could offer name plaques or other smaller items.

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If you have a boat you would like to recycle you can find out an idea of the cost by using our Scrap Calculator.

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