Boat Disposal of a Jaguar 25 Yacht

Our latest boat disposal collection was a Jaguar 25 Yacht. The boat was moored in Southsea Marina in Portsmouth. Because the boat was local to us we went to visit the boat in person. Our Boatbreakers team will always rather see boats in the flesh.

When a boat is further afield we will always request pictures so we can know what to expect. It also shows any challenges we might face during collection.

Lift out and loading

Luckily this boat was a fairly simple one. The marina team were happy to lift out and lower the mast on the arranged collection day. Whilst it adds to the cost of the collection it’s always good to have a safe controlled lift/loading. Many of the boats we deal with we will have to winch onto trailers ourselves and this can often be back breaking.

The Jaguar was a mess inside and externally was showing signs of neglect. Her tiller and washboards were both completely rotten and soft. They were so rotten they had some form of fungus growing on them.

Inside the boat was still full of beer bottles and old food packaging. It seems at some point someone had been sleeping on the boat. But it was a long time since the boat had any cleaning or maintenance. Amongst the mess there was a little gem. Despite the lack of maintenance the Yanmar 1GM10 engine was well protected from the elements.

Boat Disposal Route

We think the owner chose to go down the Boat Disposal route as he knew the effort it would take to sell. First of all the boat would have to be cleaned out thoroughly. Then repairs would have had to been done to replace the tiller and washboards. Her owner also told us that the Yanmar engine needed servicing as it had been overheating.

These are the jobs and effort that was needed just to get the boat ready for selling. Carrying out this work doesn’t even guarantee someone will buy the yacht. So the Jaguar owner decided to take the route of many boat owners with old vessels and chose to scrap.

The boat was collected using a Hi-ab so the unloading at our boat scrapyard was fairly straightforward. Being a bilge keel boat it sat perfectly on the back of the truck and once unloaded in the yard.

Scrap Kings

We managed to film most of the process for the new Series of Scrap Kings. So you’ll be able to see the state of the boat and our process for removing the parts and engine on there.

If you have an old boat sat in marina that you can’t sell then why not consider scrapping. It can usually be arranged for the same week you enquire. Meaning no more boating bills or headaches. To see how much it costs to scrap just use our Scrap Calculator.