Driveway Boat Clearance

Our boat disposal team always enjoy the challenges from a garden or driveway boat clearance job. When we collect a boat from a boat yard or marina they are usually lifted onto our trailers. The team usually just have to stand back and watch. On the other hand when it’s a driveway clearance there are always a list of obstacles to overcome.

The first issue is usually the access. We have to make sure we are confident that our trailer is going to fit into the garden or driveway we are trying to clear. The boat may have fitted in nicely but the trailer it’s going on to has to be bigger. Most boats that we collect from properties would be had on some form of trailer or blocks. This latest boat we collected was just on the driveway with some tyres either side. It even had a large bag of soil that two of our team had to drag out of the way.

Boat Had Become A Skip

Driveway boat clearance jobs are always a game of not wanting to cause any damage to the surrounding garden, house or drive itself. Most of the time the boat has sat there for years and the garden has grown around it. In this case there was a large pile of rubbish behind the boat. It looked as if the boat had become a skip for the owner. Thankfully he had removed that waste from the boat when we turned up to collect.

Secondly our team’s next issue is usually the lack of machinery. In boat yards, marinas or even just somewhere we can get a Hiab to, there is usually something that can lift the boat. Or at the very least drag it. In driveway boat clearance jobs it’s usually left down to the might and will power of our team. Like every collection we brought a trailer with a winch. The cable was then hooked onto the boat and we winched her on. For this latest boat the boat came up nicely onto the rollers. We had the added bonus that the drive way downhill, so once the boat was up it rolled into position without much effort.

Scrap Kings

Our boat disposal team have had some nightmare driveway boat clearance jobs in the past. The worst was even filmed for the TV show Scrap Kings. We arrived in Dorset to find that the boat had sunken into the block paving. On top of that the tyres were punctured and the wheels didn’t turn. With the sun beating down and the cameras rolling we had to drag the whole lot on using the winch. Thankfully the latest collection was a walk in the park by comparison.

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