Boatbreakers Sailing Dinghy Disposal

The Boatbreakers team have been busy scrapping dinghies. Just like larger boats dinghy owners still find themselves in a position of being unable to sell but still paying for storage. We usually have a steady flow of dinghies coming in for scrap throughout the year. In the last few weeks we seem to have had an influx of dinghy scrap enquiries.

As a boat disposal team we always like collecting dinghies for scrap. Mainly because they are fairly straightforward to man handle onto trailers or lift into position. We had four jobs lined up to scrap five dinghies. One dinghy in a garden in West Sussex, two in Somerset, a dinghy in Hampshire and finally a dinghy delivered to us in Gosport.

Haul the Dinghy

The first of the four recent dinghy scrap removals was from Bognor. From the details we were sent it seemed to be a straightforward collection. We could see that the dinghy was on a trailer in a bush. What we didn’t realise until we got there was how far that bush was from the closest point we could get the trailer to. Luckily Steve had eaten his Weetabix that morning so was able to haul the dinghy through the garden and up onto the trailer.

After the man handling needed for the Bognor job Steve decided it would help to have a second pair of hands. Our next collection was from Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club near Bristol. The owner had two dinghies that he was no longer using which were stored next to the lake. The team headed up with our box trailer and some cutting tools.

No More Storage Fees

To be able to fit both dinghies into the trailer we cut the bow off of one which made it easier to stack. The second dinghy we then slid on top before strapping it all together ready for the journey home. Once everything was chopped and ready to go the owner was happy to see the back of the dinghies. Now he didn’t have to pay storage for two boats he didn’t get to use.

Next on the list for our dinghy collections was a much loved dinghy in Emsworth. Her owner had been bought the boat by her parents and had many happy sailing years in her. Sadly in the last year she had started to leak. With Covid meaning limited use the owner decided it was time to say goodbye to her beloved dinghy. As we still had the two dinghies from Somerset on the box trailer we simply lifted this one up and on top to complete the dinghy sandwich.

Dinghy Delivered to Gosport

Our final dinghy scrap job was a nice easy one. This time the owner of the Laser Dinghy decided to deliver the dinghy to us in Gosport. The lady drove the dinghy down strapped to her car’s roof rack. Our team were there to unload the boat so the owner was soon back on the road.

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