Boat Recyclers 2022

The Boatbreakers team anticipate a busy year for our boat recyclers in 2022. For the past two years Covid has wiped out our usually busy winter scrap seasons. This year we hope that this won’t be the case. January to April is usually a busy period for us as owners looks to dodge the upfront storage costs for their boats.

Our boat recyclers offer a quick exit out of a problem boat. Many people may try to sell their boat but ultimately there is no guarantee of a sale. From initial enquiry to disposal it usually takes less than two weeks to sort a boat breaking job. Our only governing factors are the availability of our lorries and trailers.

Boat breakers Youtube

As we discussed in one of our recent Youtube videos it’s always eye opening to consider the money people spend to store a boat they won’t use. Take a walk around any marina or boat yard in the country. You will find at least a corner full of old un-loved boats.

We think that owners who have their heads in the sand should get a boat recycler like us to help. They get to save on the storage fees. Their boats will be stripped down and the parts used by other boaters. Most importantly the waste material from the hull will be responsibly disposed of.

Experience with Problem Boats

Whether your boat is in a marina, out in a boat yard, in a garage or left in a garden we can help. Our boat recycler team have years of experience in sorting problem boats.

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In conclusion if you have an old boat that you think our boat recyclers could dispose of then get in contact. Just fill in our Scrap Calculator form and our team will work out the best price possible. We look forward to helping you escape the financial trappings of boat ownership.

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