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Boatbreakers was recently asked by Marine Industry News to feature in their daily email bulletins. After researching our team and realising that I (Luke) has a degree in journalism, life was made even easier as I was asked to write them.

We sat down and discussed the broad range of issues that we at Boatbreakers are trying to tackle. The editors soon decided that it was an issue that needed more focus. So below are links to the three articles.

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The Marine Industry's Sloping Shoulders for End of Life Boats

The Marine Industry’s Sloping Shoulders For End Of Life Boats.

Without a common plan, and a strong lead, the UK’s shores will be a dumping ground for end of life boats. “Who will take responsibility?” asks boat recycling expert Luke Edney in the final part of our series…

Growing Threat From Boats Past ‘Sail By Date’

We need to reduce costs for dealing with end of life boats, warns boat recycling expert Luke Edney, before it’s too late. End of use boats are a challenging issue for the UK. The end of life disposal process has two main costs that Boatbreakers is actively trying to reduce…

Article: Shameful Situation of UK's 'End of Life' Boat Policy

Shameful Situation Of UK’s End Of Life Boat Policy

It’s time to hold the marine industry to account, warns boat recycling expert Luke Edney, in the first of a short series. End of use boats are an impending issue, not just for the UK, but for the rest of the world too…