Boat Disposal in Brighton

Our boat disposal collection team have removed a boat from Brighton Marina this week. The boat had been sat un-used on her mooring for a number of years. Her owner now lived abroad and wanted to escape the trappings of expensive mooring fees. When you’re not getting any use out of a boat the mooring fees can soon burn a hole in your pocket.

Firstly boat disposal can be an attractive proposition for a boat owner. The boat disposal process is extremely straightforward and can usually be done and dusted in a week. Compare this to the hassle of trying to sell a boat. Or the fact the boat might not sell at all and you can see why people choose to scrap.

Less than Half of his Mooring Fees

This small yacht would have been costing the owner around £4,000 a year. However it cost the owner less than half of that fee for Boatbreakers to send a lorry and bring the boat back to the scrapyard for disposal. So it would only take six months for the owner to save the money he’s had to pay.

Boat owners are well aware that a boat is a hole in the water you pour money in to. Scrapping a boat is one final expense but you soon begin to save. We always see the relief on boat owners faces once they get passed the sadness of waving goodbye to their boat.

Cost of Living Crisis

As the UK moves towards a cost of living crisis we are sure that more boat owners will investigate scrapping. With the price of everything rising the boat will be the first to go.

Above all boat disposal also give the chance for other boaters to benefit. A potential eye-sore or hazard is removed, items from it can be sold, and recyclable materials will be reclaimed. Subsequently proof that old boats are popular can be seen by the success of our Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group.

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