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Communications Manager
Luke completed a journalism degree in Brighton University and fortunately for us uses this in his communications, facebook posts, tweets, vines and emails to tell all our enquirers and followers what we are up to. Without Luke we would be lost, he runs the office, keeps us organised and is like a terrier and never lets a tricky boat disposal job go un-photographed or Tweeted about. He also manages all of our enquiries passing them to whoever in the team is the best suited to deal with it. We are teaching Luke how to drive a motorboat or sail a yacht so while he’s learning we suggest you keep out of the Solent! When he’s not at work he’s a massive football fan (his Dad used to play for Portsmouth FC years ago) and seems to know everything there is to know about any player, anywhere. Next time you ring and he answers, think of a tricky football trivia question and ask him….

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  1. I have a couple of old wooden boats on my friend’s land, I’ve been meaning to get rid of them for years but wasn’t quite sure who was about to get rid of a couple of old yachts… I’ll be giving you a call in the New Year!

    1. You’ve definitely found the right people to deal with some old wooden yachts 🙂 , and we look forward to hearing from you! Our number is 02392 984666, you can also email us using: scrapteam@boatbreakers.com

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