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Abandoned Boats

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As I was writing this post we actually had a fresh enquiry in that was exactly what this post is about. A boat in a marina near London has clearly been left un-maintained for too long and has now started to sink. This has made a tricky boat removal even trickier as now the boat has to be pumped out and re-floated.

We are here to help you arrange the removal of abandoned boats. Whether they are in a marina, on a mooring, on your driveway or maybe in a farmer’s field somewhere, we can help you remove abandoned boats from anywhere in the UK or mainland Europe.

Abandoned boats can not only become an eyesore but also a potential hazard both in the water and on land. If a boat is left abandoned on its mooring it may eventually come loose in stormy conditions and cause damage to any surrounding boats. If it then sinks it would become a navigational and environmental hazard. We have dive teams on standby ready to come and re-float the stricken vessel, so don’t panic!

Here at Boatbreakers we want to avoid any boat getting to the point where it becomes a problem for other boat owners. Much like being hit by an un-insured driver in a car it’d be the innocent party who’d foot the bill for the damage caused.

So if you’re a boatyard, marina or reluctant boat owner. Give us a call on 023 9298 4666 and arrange for our team to come and remove the abandoned boat from your premises. This will not only remove the risk of the boat becoming a problem to its surroundings but also free up space to store new boats owned by reliable customers.

Abandoned Boats - An Abandoned Boat starting to sink
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The quickest and easiest way deal with the abandoned boats giving you a headache is to use the Scrap Calculator on our site which will give you an instant idea of the price to dispose of your abandoned boat.

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Our Boatbreakers team were back out on the water in Portsmouth Harbour last week. We had received a call from a local sailing club to ask us to remove an abandoned boat from their moorings.

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About the Author:

Luke completed a journalism degree in Brighton University and fortunately for us uses this in his communications, Facebook posts, Tweets and emails to tell all our enquirers and followers what we are up to. Without Luke we would be lost, he runs the office, keeps us organised and is like a terrier and never lets a tricky boat disposal job go un-photographed or Tweeted about. He also manages all of our enquiries passing them to whoever in the team is the best suited to deal with it. We are teaching Luke how to drive a motorboat or sail a yacht so while he’s learning we suggest you keep out of the Solent! When he’s not at work he’s a massive football fan (his Dad used to play for Portsmouth FC years ago) and seems to know everything there is to know about any player, anywhere. Next time you ring and he answers, think of a tricky football trivia question and ask him


  1. Paul June 4, 2022 at 21:59

    Have you any boats as I’m looking for one for renovation as I’m new to boating but always wanted to own one

  2. Mike Harati April 5, 2022 at 02:29

    Hello i Will be happy to pickup one abounded motor boat you have here in Europe?

    Where Can i find one?

    Thanks Mike from Denmark

  3. Brian Malley January 23, 2022 at 21:44

    Hello, a good friend of mine is looking for an old fishing boat, with engine(s), abandoned,
    but in restorable condition..! 50 foot +, wooden/steel hull…

    As we live in Inverness and Nairn area, finding one along the many bays of the adjacent
    Moray Firth ( South coast ) towards Peterhead would be nice…?

    If you know of any likely ones, let me know by email please..?

    Thanks, Brian Malley, Inverness, 23/1/2022 pm.

  4. Davebroom November 19, 2021 at 13:50

    What ashame these boats are laid waste someone would treasure having one of those Dave

  5. David Pearson April 27, 2021 at 16:40

    Hi, do you ever get asked to remove boats that are genuinely useable. Initiall I am looking for something on or over 30ft long. I’m even considering a yacht although I have never sailed a yacht before, but I have found some local clubs who do RYA training sessions, otherwise a seagoing cruiser that is not powered by one of those 6 litre American V8 petrol guzzlers. Please contact me if I fall into your possible acquisitions. Thank you David Pearson.

  6. William Wallace April 20, 2021 at 02:58

    Do you have any yachts that can be saved from breaking down?

  7. Mr John Gosden January 22, 2021 at 10:33

    Hi do not know help me as you brake boats I was wondering if you ever get any trailers to take a 22ft 1800kg boat thank you cash waiting.

  8. Craig November 30, 2016 at 11:09

    I have a couple of old wooden boats on my friend’s land, I’ve been meaning to get rid of them for years but wasn’t quite sure who was about to get rid of a couple of old yachts… I’ll be giving you a call in the New Year!

    • Luke Edney November 30, 2016 at 12:34

      You’ve definitely found the right people to deal with some old wooden yachts :) , and we look forward to hearing from you! Our number is 02392 984666, you can also email us using:

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