Scrap 505 Sailing Dinghy

The Boat breaking team were in the countryside this week to collect an old 505 sailing dinghy. It had been kept for a number of years on a driveway of a house on a farm. As you can see from the photos the boat and trailer had seen better days. The launching trolley was completely rusted and the bow of the dinghy could be pulled apart by hand.

Her owner had called us on Monday morning and the team were with the boat the next day. It’s always nice to collect boats from interesting locations. This property was on a farm near Romsey in Hampshire. It was surrounded by horse fields and stables. In truth it is probably the last place you would expect to find a boat.

Boatbreakers Youtube Channel

The 505 is a popular classic dinghy, our boss Steve explained how fast they used to be in his sailing days. Sadly for him it was his competitors who had the 505s! Even in her current state you can see the dinghy has a lovely shape to her hull. We have also filmed some footage of us collecting the dinghy for our Boatbreakers Youtube channel.

We decided to chop the dinghy into pieces so that we could fit it all in to our box trailer. The 505 is around 16ft which for a dinghy is quite large. As you will be able to see from the photos and videos the hull is so thin the cutter made light work of the boat.

Dinghies on Driveways

Removing old dinghies from driveways is a common job for us. Once people have a dinghy stored at their house it seems it becomes a feature that then doesn’t leave. The only issue we ever face is getting the trailers they sit on to move. Most of the time they will be seized solid or just a big rusty mess. In the case of this 505 we just cut the trailer in half to make it easier to load. The metal will now go in our pile for recycling.

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