Yacht Collection From Wilson’s Boatyard

Another day, another yacht collection. This time the boat was collected from Wilson’s Boatyard on Hayling Island. Our team got the call from a gentleman who no longer wanted to keep his yacht. We worked out a price and once the figure was agreed a plan was put in place to collect the boat.

Wilson’s Boatyard had lifting facilities which made the process much more simple. The plan was to turn up with our flatbed trailer and have the boat loaded using the crane. We would then bring the yacht back to the boat scrapyard in Portsmouth.

Simple Local Collection

We always like a simple local collection like this one as there is very little than can go wrong. The only thing that could go wrong in this scenario would be a punctured tyre on the trailer or a crane break down. But as the boatyard is so close to us in Portsmouth/Gosport it wouldn’t be too much of a headache to get sorted. Or to re-arrange a collection date.

Luckily we had no such problems. We try and plan for every eventuality to avoid any surprises. However, everything ran like clockwork.

Water Drained From Hull

The lift was prebooked by the owner and the crane was ready and waiting by the boat. We arrived with the trailer and the boat was loaded on without any issues. There was some water inside the boat which needed to be drained. With scrap boats there is a simple solution for this, drilling holes in the hull.

Any water soon poured away as we strapped the boat down on top of the trailer. The team were soon on their way back to Portsmouth with the boat secured down.

Crushing Machine

Once we returned to the scrapyard the boat was scooped from the trailer by our crushing machine. It seems anything worth saving from the boat had already been stripped. This is usually the case with smaller yachts we dispose of. Especially from boatyards where people may pillage an old boat before it comes to the breakers.

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