Small Boat Disposal

The Boat disposal team were asked to come down to Dorset to remove a small boat. Our team had been asked by the estate who own the land to remove an abandoned GRP dinghy. There was a small boat park next to a slipway and some old fashioned stone boat sheds.

At the boat park in Kimmeridge Bay there are a selection of small fishing boats stored. Some look like they are still used but there was a few that definitely need removing. Luckily the team at the estate who manage the bay decided the time was up for this little red boat. Boat Disposal jobs in Dorset are fairly straightforward as it neighbours our home base in Hampshire.

Jurassic Coast

This collection didn’t require too much kit. Just a boat trailer, some straps and our trusty wrecking bar to put some holes in the hull. We had hoped that we would have a great view of the Jurassic Coast bay as we approached the beach. However as we got closer thick fog rolled in. We could barely see twenty metres in front of the car. As we were on a road named the Devil’s Staircase we proceeded with caution.

Luckily the sat nav got us close enough and we proceed down to the boat park just outside the bay. It’s a beautiful part of the country which is popular with dog walkers and fossil hunters.

Merciful Mist

Mercifully after the boat was loaded the mist cleared to give us a great view across the bay. After loading all of the scrap bits of boat that were scattered around her we strapped everything down. As we started the journey home we decided to stop off at a local cafe for a spot of lunch. It was just opposite a the estate’s private fossil collection.

Small boat disposal jobs are always fairly simple. As long as access is good and we can get the trailers close enough we never really have any issues. The best thing about small boat collection is that they can usually be man handled. This small boat was no trouble at all and the collection was as smooth as we expected.

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