Boat Disposal in Cotswolds

This week the Boat disposal team were out on the road to collect a Dinghy from the Cotswolds. We had been contacted by the owner who had owned and sailed the boat for a number of years. It was stored in a boat storage area near a row of waterside properties. Just south of Cirencester there is an area with a number of lakes, we were headed for South Cerney. As we drove around the area it looked like a real hub for water sports with people sailing, kayaking and paddle-boarding in every direction.

Sadly the dinghy we were there to collect was now well beyond economical repair. Most of the areas of wood on the dinghy could be broken with very little effort. It was clear that the dinghy had been well used but was now showing the signs of her age. Her owner did express the desire to get another boat. So the job of clearing this one will hopefully lead to a new addition taking its place.

Re-used or Recycled

To make sure the dinghy would fit in to our box trailer we simply cut it in half. Because the boat was so crispy in places it was easy to squash the two sections down. After that we then lifted on the trailer and launching trolley. With the weight of the trailers on top we used the ratchet straps to really keep the load secure. The trailer and trolley could probably be re-used by someone. And if they can’t be reused they will be recycled.

Whilst we were at the row of properties we could see a number of other dinghies that were well beyond their useable lifespan.  Subsequently we are sure that when the owners of the other dinghies see one is gone they will want to clear theirs too.

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