Our latest arrival at the Boatbreakers Boat Scrapyard was an Elizabethan 29 yacht. It was actually a boat that was supposed to come to us in March 2020 but Covid changed that plan.

The Elizabethan 29 had been out of the water at the back of a boat yard in Kent. Judging by her condition she had been out of the water for a number of year. Her engine was also already removed which saves us lots of time and effort at the scrap yard.

Her owner originally contacted us back in 2020. The collection of the boat was all lined up but then the first national lockdown was called. Like most businesses at the time our work dried up over night. The boat yard she was in was also closed so the boat was stuck.

Fast forward a year and once again the owner gave us a call to see if we could still collect. This time despite being in lockdown the necessary businesses were still open. The boat yard had some moving around to do as the boat was blocked in at the back of the pile. But they were happy to arrange the moves and to drop the mast ready for transport.

We arranged for Boat Shift to collect the boat as they are Kent based and know the local yards well. They could also be there as early as the yard needed them to be there. Sometimes in more remote yards the access can be extremely tight. It only needs a car to be park down a country lane and the whole collection can be delayed. So wherever we can we always try and use local companies to where the boat is.

The collection of the boat went smoothly as expected. With both the boat yard and the boat transport loading the boat with no issues. She was back down to us in Portsmouth by lunchtime.

Our team jumped on board the boat but it seemed she had already been stripped. There was very little that was worth stripping from the boat as the boat was in fairly poor condition. You could tell that she had been sat at the back of the boatyard untouched for a number of years.

We understand that the former owner had a number of boats that he uses. This Elizabethan was his project boat that he never got back around to finishing. Now he’s decided to scrap and the boat is with us it will free up his time and money to enjoy his other boats on the water.

The Elizabethan yachts are beautiful sought after boats that many of our Boat Scrapyard members were sad to see being scrapped.

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