Work Experience Opportunities

Boatbreakers are looking to offer work experience placements for young people. The placement would be spent in our Gosport office/warehouse working closely with the team to prepare recycled boat bits for sale. Before helping to list them on our online store.

Also, the student can experience the ins and outs of running a marine recycling business. From initial enquiry to having a boat crushed. They will learn how we use social media to raise the awareness around the issue. Visit boats that we are offered with one of the team, maybe even assist moving boats if we need the extra hands.

Boatbreakers aim to give the student a taste of what it’s like working in the industry of boat recycling. As we are one of the only companies doing it in the UK, it is a unique opportunity for local youngsters.

We hope it might inspire them to work in the marine industry which has plenty of job opportunities in and around Gosport. As Boatbreakers continues to grow there may even be future job roles available for those who have spent time working with us.

A placement will help to teach the students hands on skills, the importance of written & verbal communication, social media, IT skills and working as part of a close-knit team. A current interest in boats isn’t necessarily essential but being enthusiastic, keen to learn and punctual is.

If you or someone you know would like to spend two weeks with us then get in contact. All applicants must email or call to arrange in advance.

Call Us on 023 9298 4666