Wooden Yacht Disposal

Whenever the Boatbreakers team deal with an old wooden boat the chances are it will have significant history behind it. We always notice that emotions run highly with wooden boats and so they should. The older wooden boats are just more impressive than the GRP models. Probably because you can see and appreciate the hours of work and skill involved in building them.

However that being said despite the history there does come a point where these boats end up in our yard. Wooden boats of this age require a great deal of care and attention to keep them up together. This Belmore we believe had been out of the water in a yard for over 15 years.

Our team have stripped some of the remaining items from her. These include the winches, windlass, prop, and some port holes. But there was very little else worth removing.

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Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group Reaction

We posted the images of the boat on our Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group and the reaction wasn’t a surprise…

“She is famous for placing second in a Bermuda Race, only beaten by the yawl Finisterre.”

“Sadly this boat has been left for several years with scaffolding around her . It did have quite a lot if work done a few years ago , but it just seems to be forgotten and left at the back of the yard . It probably had a lot of history over its lifetime, but now to the big marina in the sky.”

“She won Class C in the Transatlantic Race 1960, skippered by famous Commander Errol Bruce. She is a really significant piece of yachting history and it would be a tremendous shame if she would end up in a scrap yard.”

“Don’t break her you may find an international buyer. It is almost like sending a Bugatti into a car crusher.”

“That’s seriously in better condition than one of the clinkers at our yard , and it apparently has lottery funding to restore it ….it’s about 100 yrs old.”

“In the world of my dreams, the least they can do is use her as a plug to start mass production in a less maintenance-intensive material.”

“Very sad. Once a stunning yacht.”

If you know of an old classic boat that is sat in a boatyard untouched then why not try and save her. It will stop them ending up in our Scrapyard for disposal.