Scrapping your boat has costs for a number of reasons. First of all we have to get your boat back to our Boat scrapyard. The boat could be in the water with an engine that doesn’t run, this would need to be towed to a boatyard and then craned out. Both can’t be done for free. Then there is the cost of transporting a boat by road to our yard in Portsmouth. This can sometimes cost more than the price to scrap.

Maybe the boat is in your garden and a crane will need to be hired in to lift the boat onto our transport. This can easily add £1,000 to the price as crane drivers won’t lift a boat on the cheap.

When the boat gets to our yard it needs to be stripped down and all the recyclable items removed. Then we must pay £250 a tonne (+VAT) to dispose of the waste materials. These costs can’t be avoided when we scrap your boat, but we will always try and give you the cheapest price possible! Our cost to scrap is usually a lot cheaper than renewing your mooring fees for another year so it’s a no brainer.

Question 2 - Why does it cost to scrap my boat?